Well hello my lovely readers, followers and friends!
Here are some of my latest purchases I did this week.. I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend and bought some of my autumn/winter essentials! I also received my package from Topshop with these cute Angel studded booties, Mink coloured (fake) leather pants, a beanie and golden leave earings! The sweater is from COS! My ultimate goal was to find THE red leather pants but unfortunately that dind't work out.. :( (if you have any suggestions or tips they are more than welcome!!)
Hope you like it! This weekend there will be another post about my purchases so stay tuned...

Beanie, pants, booties and earings topshop, knitted sweater COS



I love the colours of the autumn leaves, also known as Indian Summer.. I really like the autumn season but I would like it even more if the sun could shine just a little bit! I wore this outfit yesterday!



‎'I like serious fashion for girls who don't take fashion too seriously' - Alexa Chung



There is nothing better than a lazy sunday, breakfast in bed, sunshine and spending it with my boyfriend! I had a very relaxing weekend, what about you?



Here it is, the two leaked out pictures of the Lanvin collection for H&M!! And well so far so good what more can I say! I am really into the accessoiries so far, hopefully we will see more of the collection very soon!! What do you think, any must haves yet?


Kate Moss


Cat Woman

Haha such a silly title for this blogpost, but I loveee my new cateye sunnies from topshop! I wore again an all black outfit, my new super comfortable shiny pants, see trough blouse, fake fur scarve because it's already soooo cold and my new topshop clogs! Oh and my new bag... hmmm yes I did some shopping last week haha! Hope you you all had a nice weekend!

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Cycling Girl

Olivia Palermo is looking gorgeous as always.

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picture: sartorialist.com


Thank You So Much

Already 50 followers!! I want to thank you sooo much for reading or following my blog and for your lovely comments!! It means really a lot to me, and I enjoy blogging so much because of you!

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Black and White

Really into leopard print lately as you may have noticed.. I love it especially in detailing, but I could'nt resist this sheerling blouse..

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Blouse h&m trend, belt monki, booties zara


The Lady Gaga of Fashion Week

I DIE for her closet!!!!!

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Hello my lovely readers!

Aaaah how I love this kind of weather!! Perfect autumn weather if you ask me..
Today I was wearing one of my favorite leather skirts, it's kind of short so I'm not feeling quite comfortable wearing it, with my burgundy coloured blouse and my warm faux fur! Hope you like it!

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Fur zara, blouse zara, skirt zara, shoes h&m


Lovely Bones

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pictures: Vogue Korea

Blogger Crush

I think her blog is so inspiring, the combinations, colours and prints that she's wearing are always so refreshing and original. Love the Bohemian and 70s vibe!


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